Installing and Getting Started

To install the latest release of rstoolbox, you can use pip:

pip install rstoolbox

Alternatively, you can use pip to install the development version directly from github:

pip install git+


  • Python 2.7 or 3.4+

Mandatory Dependencies

There is a hard minimum for ``pandas``. Version 0.23 is required for the library to work, as includes new features to ease the management of pandas-derived classes, which are key to this library.

Optional Dependencies

Functions with optional dependences are properly labeled as such in the API reference.

The pip installation script will attempt to download the mandatory dependencies only if they do not exist at install-time or their version is not the supported one.


Testing is easier when acquiring the code as a developer.


Please report any bugs you encounter through the github issue tracker of the development branch.

Known Issues

Working with virtual-environments on MacOS

Due to the differences on how mac manages its graphical interface, matplotlib can become unlinked from the X manager when working in a virtual environment. The easies way to fix this issue is not to allow matplotlib to guess the backend to use but to explicitly tell it. To do that, the file ~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc needs to be added with the content:

backend: TkAgg