API reference


check_option(key, subkey, value) Evaluate if a given value fits the option.
document_options() Generates a docstring table to add to the library documentation.
get_local_config_file(filename) Find local file to setup default values.
get_option(key, subkey[, in_path_none]) Get the current value of the option.
get_option_default(key, subkey) Get the default value of the option.
get_option_description(key, subkey) Get the string describing a particular option.
get_option_type(key, subkey) Get the type of a particular option.
ifndef() Equivalent to C’s #IFNDEF.
lock_option(key, subkey) Make an option unmutable.
on_option_value(*args) Temporarily change the configuration values.
register_option(key, subkey, default, _type, …) Create a new option.
reset_option(key, subkey) Resets a single option to the default values.
reset_options([empty]) Empty ALL options.
set_option(key, subkey, value) Sets the value of an option.
set_options_from_file(filename[, file_format]) Load options from file.
set_options_from_JSON(filename) Load options from a YAML-formated file.
set_options_from_YAML(filename) Load options from a YAML-formated file.
set_options_from_dict(data_dict[, filename]) Load options from a dictionary.
show_options([key]) Returns a copy the options DataFrame.
unregister_option(key, subkey) Removes an option from the manager.
write_options_to_JSON(filename) Writes the options in JSON format to a file.
write_options_to_YAML(filename) Writes the options in YAML format to a file.